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Functions List

  Motion controller
PLC CPU Equivalent to Q06UDHCPU Equivalent to Q03UDCPU
Servo amplifier interface SSCNETIII/H (150Mbps)
Connectable servo amplifier MR-J4(W)-B
Number of control axes Up to 16 axes
Operation cycle[ms] From 0.22ms
Engineering Environment MELSOFT MT Works2       MR Configurator2 (Note-1)
Programming method Motion SFC
Control modes Position control, Speed control, Torque control, Tightening & press-fit control, Synchronous control,
Cam control, Advanced synchronous control
Positioning control PLinear interpolationm, Circular interpolation, Continuous trajectory control, Helical interpolation,
Position follow-up control, Speed control with fixed position stop, High-speed oscillation control,
Speed/position switching control
Acceleration/deceleration process Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-curve acceleration/deceleration,
Advanced S-curve acceleration/deceleration
Manual control JOG operation, Manual pulse generator, JOG operation simultaneous start
Functions that change control details Current value change, Target position change, Torque limit value change, Speed change
Home position return method Proximity dog method 1, Proximity dog method 2, Scale home position signal detection method, Count method 1,
Count method 2, Count method 3, Data set method 1, Data set method 2, Dog cradle method, Stopper method 1,
Stopper method 2, Limit switch combined method
Auxiliary functions Forced stop method, Hardware stroke limit method, Software stroke limit method, Absolute position system,
Amplifier-less operation method, Unlimited length feed method, Optional data monitor method,
Mark detection method, ROM operation, M-code output method, Error history, Digital oscilloscope method,
Vision system connection function, Vision system connection function, Software security key function,
High-speed reading function, Limit switch output method, Cam auto-generation method

(Note-1): MELSOFT MR Configurator2 is included in MELSOFT MT Works2.