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Compatible with 
MELSEC-Q Series modules.
Flexible expansion for any control purpose!

Select from over 100 different types of MELSEC-Q Series units and install directly into the Q170MSCPU expansion base - no power supply needed.
Flexible system expansion is an important Q170MSCPU advantage.

CASE Study

No need to do a system redesign every time you want
to add or change functions!

1. Over 100 different types of modules for flexible expansion of functions!


The limitless Q170MSCPU!
From expanded I/O, A/D conversion, and temperature control to additional network communication units and more. All can be added quickly and easily. No need to redesign the system when adding or changing functions!

2. Even constructing large systems is incredibly easy!

The open CC-Link IE controller network can be used to develop large scale systems with ease.