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Better space-saving when combined with a 2-axes-in-1 servo amplifier.
Panel and equipment size can be educed!

The Q170MSCPU is a compact 52 x 178 x 135 mm.
Combining the controller with 2-axis/3-axis servo amplifier "MR-J4W" saves even more space.

CASE Study

Even in a jam-packed panel, the Stand-alone controller
makes space-saving design possible.

1. Save even more space by combining with the 2-axis/3-axis servo amplifier!

The 2-axis/3-axis servo amplifier "MR-J4W" has the same shape and installation area as the Q170MSCPU. When comparing against three MR-J4 servo amplifiers, the J4W servo amplifier can be installed in 30% less space. Combined with the Q170MSCPU, an optimum space-saving solution can be realized. Additionally, the 2-slot expansion base is just 106(W) mm x 98(W) mm, allowing limited panel and equipment space to be used effectively.