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The high-speed control of iQ Platform.
Dramatic increases in productivity!

Despite being compact, the Q170MSCPU contains the same high performance as Mitsubishi's industry leading iQ Platform controllers.
All this performance, yet the stand-alone Q170MSCPU Motion controller is still easy to use.

CASE Study

High speed and high performance in a small package.
Delivering the power to reduce tact time and raise productivity!

1. Equipped with a high-speed multi-CPU bus, worry not when increasing the number of
    servo axes!

The Q170MSCPU uses the same high-speed multi-CPU communication as iQ Platform. With this, high-speed 0.88 ms data transfer of up to 14kW is made possible between the PLC and Motion CPU. High level iQ Platform Motion control is made possible without any degradation in performance even in systems with large PLC programs and scan times.