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Easy parameter setting.
Speedy startup! Effortless debugging!

In other multi-CPU platforms, lots of configuration must be done before the Motion CPU and PLC CPU can communicate properly. This can result in hours of wasted time for the engineers involved. The Q170MSCPU changes the game by seamlessly integrating sequence and motion. Thus, setup is quick and easy without any added steps for multi-CPU settings.

CASE Study

CaseStudySetting up multiple CPU's used to be hard work.
Now, start a new project, go into RUN mode. It's that easy!

1. Start the CPU in one-shot! Sample data assists startup!


Software for the Q170MSCPU comes with sample project data that pre-configures multi-CPU settings and gives the user additional benefits such as automatically adding labels to motion specific devices when used in PLC ladder.

2. Easy to Use & Advanced functions

Various functions such as efficiency in debugging and maintenance, achieving shorter tact time, data protecting,can be utilized easily.