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Three-in-one: Power supply, PLC, and Motion Controller.
No more model selection worries!
Three-in-one: Power supply, PLC, and Motion Controller.

The compact Q170MSCPU integrates a power supply, PLC, and Motion controller and features built-in incremental synchronous encoder and mark detection signal interfaces needed for the packaging equipment industry and others. No need to worry over which model to choose - this unit provides it all!

CASE Study

Total machine control, fitting even for machines with only eight-axes.
Select Stand-Alone for worry-free model selection.

1. Easily introduce a controller into your machine.

Which PLC do I choose? Future number of servo axes? Which options units? Which power supply?
The integrated Q170MSCPU solves all of these questions at once.

2. A good choice even if the number of servo axes increases later!

The Q170MSCPU can accommodate up to 16 axes.
Furthermore, the Q170MSCPU makes switching pneumatic cylinders and stepping motors to higher performing servos an easy task.

3. No need for additional registration mark sensors!

The Q170MSCPU has built-in inputs for an INC synchronous encoder and up to 4 registration mark sensors.
It can be used for packaging equipment without adding extra I/O modules.