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Automotive Equipment


Mitsubishi Electric's automotive equipment technologies are at the core of many general, hybrid and next-generation clean-energy vehicles made by the world's major automobile manufacturers. In addition to supplying CPUs (the brain center of automotive electronics), alternators, starters, electric power-steering systems and car multimedia systems, Mitsubishi Electric delivers a wide variety of cutting-edge and high quality automobile components for greater amenity, safety and ecology.

PLEASE NOTE: Automotive equipment from Mitsubishi Electric is sold as original equipment mainly to automobile manufacturers. If you have an inquiry regarding non-aftermarket parts, please contact your car manufacturer or local service dealer.

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Product List

Electrification Products

Electrification Products

Motors are being electrified at rapid speed with an aim to build vehicles with low environmental burden. In conjunction with this trend, Mitsubishi Electric provides diverse products, such as inverters and motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, toward the realization of a clean automotive society.


Motor (Under Development)

EV Control Unit

Battery Management Unit

Motor Control Unit

On-Board Charger

Electrification Products

Charging & Starting Products

Charging & Starting Products

There is growing demand for high-performance electrical engine components as a means for improving fuel efficiency and comfort. Mitsubishi Electric contributes to manufacturing vehicles that lead the times with its compact and lightweight alternators and starters.



Motor Generator

Flywheel ACG

Charging & Starting Products

Engine Management Products

Engine Management Products

Engine control parts comprise the heart of fuel-efficient, high-performance vehicles. Mitsubishi Electric harnesses its advanced technologies and wealth of experience to offer a broad lineup of products that allow even greater engine performance than ever before.

Gasoline Engine Control Unit

Control Unit (for motorcycle/marine)

Revolution Sensor

Air-flow Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Intake-air Temperature Sensor


Ignition Coil

Fuel Pump Module

EGR Valve

Air Bypass Valve

Turbo Actuator

VVT Actuator

Actuator Drive Unit

Engine Management Products

Transmission Control Products

Transmission Control Products

Transmission control products largely govern basic vehicle performance. By efficiently conveying total engine power to the tires, Mitsubishi Electric delivers outstanding travel performance and fuel efficiency for greater economic performance.

Transmission Control Unit

Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve

Oil Temperature Sensor

Pulse Generator

Electric Oil Pump

Transmission Control Products

Electric Power Steering System Products

Electric Power Steering System Products

Compared to hydraulic power steering, electric power steering minimizes engine power loss and offers comfortable driving with excellent stability and steering experience that could not be achieved with hydraulic power steering.

Brush Motor

Brush Motor Control Unit

Brushless Motor Controller Unit

Electric Power Steering System Products

Body Control Products (Vehicle Total Management Products)

Body Control Products (Vehicle Total Management Products)

Mitsubishi Electric offers highly reliable products that ensure safety and security, such as the smart entry system that combines security and convenience, immobilizers to prevent theft, and airbags for emergency preparedness.

Smart Entry System

Smart Entry System (for motorcycles/marine)

Immobilizer Unit

Body Control Unit

Airbag Control Unit/Sensor

Ultrasonic Corner Sensor

HID Ballast

LED Control Unit

Body Control Products (Vehicle Total Management Products)

ADAS Products

ADAS Products

Mitsubishi Electric boasts an amassment of a wide range of advanced sensing, vehicle control and information communication technologies, and contributes to creating a new automobile society by developing sophisticated driving assistance systems that look forward to the future of automated driving.

Forward-looking Camera (Under Development)

ADAS ECU (Under Development)

Long-range Ultrasonic Sensor (Under Development)

ADAS Products

Car Multimedia Products

Car Multimedia Products

Mitsubishi Electric brings fun and comfort to the in-car environment with car navigation systems that display easy-to-read maps with simple operations, car audio systems that produce high quality sounds, and infotainment systems that provide a host of useful information.

Car Navigation System

Rear-seat Entertainment System

Car Speaker

Car Blu-ray Disc™ Player

Car Multimedia Products

ITS Products

ITS Products

ITS technology creates new relationships between people, vehicles and society. In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle DSRC unit (ETC 2.0) not only settle highway tolls, but also assist safe driving by alerting drivers to wide-area road information and disaster information.

In-vehicle ETC unit / In-vehicle DSRC unit (ETC 2.0)

ITS Products