High-quality, high-performance CIS
developed based on many experiences through more than 30 years!

Mitsubishi Electric develops unique key parts-everything from CMOS sensor integrated circuits (ICs) to illumination based on know-how and expertise accumulated through many years of solid results. This enables our products to provide high-speed digital output of clear, vivid high-definition images.
Our high-quality, high-performance CIS are utilized by many customers in a variety of ways, including application in copy machines, ATM cash sorters, and surface inspection machines both in Japan and around the world.

What CIS are used for…

Surface Inspection

CIS are widely used instead of line cameras as surface inspection devices to detect faulty conditions like scratches, dirt, missing parts, coloring, and positioning of printed documents, plastic film, circuit boards, sheet iron, etc.

Banknote Applications

High-speed scanning is possible with our independently unique developed CMOS sensor IC / ASIC and various light sources (RGB, IR and UV). Used for authenticating items such as banknotes.

Copy Machine Applications

Our original CMOS sensor IC and color filter technologies are utilized in CIS for copy machine applications. These CIS are widely used in the scanning part of copy machines as scanners.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this CIS or its introduction.