Semiconductors & Devices

Contributing to the Realization of GX and DX with Innovative and
Ever-evolving Semiconductors & Devices

Power Devicesfor a carbon neutral society

Optical Devices

High Speed, High Capacity, High Output Power, and Low Power Consumption Evolution of Information Networks that Expand the Future

High-Frequency Devices

High Power, High Efficiency, and Miniaturization Ideal for high-speed, high-capacity wireless communication systems

Infrared Sensors

Enabling detection of a person's posture and movement even in the dark while considering privacy.


Expanding our SiC power device business to achieve GX
New Products,J3 series,SiC/Si power module for xEV,Release Samples from March 25th,2024
Exhibiting Power Devices at APEC2024!Date is Feb.25-29,2024.Place is USA・Long Beach.Booth No.1435
New Products / Higher power-added efficiency of more than 43% in the 400MHz band! GaN Power Amplifier Module for 5G Massive MIMO Base Stations
Catalogs / High Frequency Devices Catalog Updated!
Catalogs / Silicon RF Devices Catalog Updated!


Groundbreaking power devices using SiC that help realize carbon neutrality through vastly higher efficiency motor control and a power conversion function.

Optical Devices

High-speed/high-capacity optical fiber communication is possible by equipping these optical devices in large-scale data centers and various communications equipment such as FTTH and 5G base transceiver station (BTS).

Optical Fiber Communication Devices
Laser Diodes for Projectors

High Frequency Devices

Contributing to the higher reliability, miniaturization, and energy-saving of 5G base transceiver station (BTS), satellite communication (SATCOM), and wireless communication equipment such as portable radio systems for business use.

GaN High Frequency Devices
GaAs High Frequency Devices
Silicon RF Devices

Infrared Sensors

Realization of high pixel and high temperature resolution makes it possible to detect a person's posture and movement in detail even in the dark while considering privacy.

Infrared Sensors