Factory Automation

e-F@ctory Alliance

Delivering Optimal Solutions From Over 900 Alliance Partners Worldwide

e-F@ctory collaborates with more than 900 partners around the world that possess advanced technology and extensive expertise in all areas of manufacturing.
Through this strong collaborative partnership, we will offer optimal solutions that meet the challenges of our customers in various regions, areas, and fields.

We have key alliances in three main areas.

  • Device partners

    Enhancing the manufacturing and maintenance processes with supportive peripherals and smart devices that can be deployed in scalable digital systems.

  • SI partners

    Supporting clients with system integration of e-F@ctory concepts, software and devices to deliver digital manufacturing solutions.

  • Software partners

    These partners provide core software technologies which range from bridging the OT-IT divide to bringing advanced processing and analysis tools to the digital manufacturer.

Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL)

The framework that enables management to make decisions on continuous investments

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