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In today’s dramatically changing business environment, the impact of sudden equipment downtime on corporate prots is enormous, and an increasing number of businesses are implementing planned equipment maintenance with the aim of achieving non-stop factories.
Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry faces another major issue of passing down the expertise of highly experienced employees.

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What is Total Maintenance Solutions?

Total Maintenance Solutions comprise of "Predictive Maintenance", which prevents problems before they arise by detecting signs of abnormalities based on data collected, "Preventive Maintenance", which enables planned maintenance by managing data regarding operating times and frequencies, as well as "Corrective Maintenance", which shortens the time spent on cause investigation and ensures the early recovery of equipment by utilizing historical data.
These are solutions that support our customers’ maintenance activities in all phases and scales, whether it be lines, devices, or equipment.

Predictive Maintenance  Preventive Maintenance  Corrective Maintenance