Vacuum Interrupters

Mitsubishi Electric began selling vacuum interrupters in 1965, and has consistently maintained its position as the No.1 manufacturer in Japan and a market leader in the industry worldwide. Combining experience accumulated over more than 50 years with our latest technologies in areas such as contact material and arc control, we continue to research and develop more compact, highly reliable vacuum interrupters.


Mitsubishi Electric vacuum interrupters are equipped with spiral and axial magnetic-field contacts that ensure higher performance in more compact devices.


Mitsubishi Electric's distinguished quality control system and technological prowess built up through more than 50 years of experience result in the production of extremely reliable vacuum interrupters. Our vacuum interrupters achieved low failure rate are widely used for various applications in Japan, and these are also exported for use in regions around the globe.


Our vacuum interrupters are available in various ratings, up to 84kV. Applications include utilization in devices such as VCBs, LBSs, contactors, on-load tap changers, Ring main units, Reclosers, Capacitor switches and Bypass switches. These vacuum interrupters are available for sale on request.

Fig. 1 Typical construction of a Mitsubishi Electric vacuum interrupter.