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Mitsubishi Electric Quality

Solar power is
learning power.

Solar Power System (Cambodia)

Mitsubishi Electric solar technology helps provide energy to places where electricity is scarce.

Solar power generates electricity for computer classes.

Not far from one of the most visited sites on earth, Angkor Wat, sits a small junior high school attended daily by 500 students. The school has no electric power, but it does have computer classes. On the roof, 36 Mitsubishi Electric solar panels convert enough sunlight to electricity, about 3.5 kW, to power the school's eight computers.

Earth-friendly power from the sun and technology for outer space

With some of the world's most advanced and efficient photovoltaic technology, including earth-friendly modules using lead-free solder, Mitsubishi Electric's solar technology is reaching new heights. In fact, Mitsubishi Electric's development of solar technology is rooted in its satellite technology. Harsh conditions in outer space demand satellites that are highly durable and reliable. Similar qualities are found in Mitsubishi Electric solar modules and systems.

Bright futures are powered by a quality education.

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