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Elevators (Singapore)

Traveling at 9 meters per second, Mitsubishi Electric's elevators in the Ocean Financial Centre are the fastest in Singapore.*

* As of February 20, 2013; based on internal research.

When a city is built for business, speed and efficiency are always at the forefront of consideration. This is especially true at the new Ocean Financial Centre, where Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators are helping people get to work even faster.

Mitsubishi Electric provided 8 high-speed elevators that race to the top floor in 38 seconds flat¹. In addition to speed, they feature technologies such as our Regenerative Drive System and Destination Control. The Regenerative Drive System enables the elevators to use about 35%² less energy than normal.

The Destination Control System streamlines elevator traffic by analyzing data such as passenger destination floors, car occupancy and location. With consideration for energy efficiency, the ideal car is dispatched to the requested floor. The result is less waiting time, quicker trips and fewer cars traveling empty. Now that's speed and efficiency.

  • 1. From the 1st to the 43rd floor, non-stop.
  • 2. Actual energy saving rates differ depending on building specifications and conditions.
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