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Solar Power System (Belitung Island, Indonesia)

Mitsubishi Electric solar systems provide all the electricity to some 30 households on Indonesia's Belitung island.

On Belitung island in Indonesia, there's a little village known as Rejosari. It's a place where you won't find many paved roads, cars, stores or most of the modern conveniences we take for granted. But to the 150 people who live there, Rejosari is home sweet home. And solar power is helping them stay a little more connected to the world outside.

Folks tend to gather at the "media center" in Rejosari. That's where the latest news gets exchanged and that's where the town's only TV set is. The electricity for it comes from a solar power station within the village.

On the roof of the power station are 28 Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic panels that can provide a minimum 15 kW of electricity a day to the 30 homes that make up the mini-grid of Rejosari. In lab tests, Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic cells, featuring the highly efficient polycrystalline silicon method, deliver one of the world's highest energy conversion ratios: 19.1%.

Perhaps the people of Rejosari are a lot closer to the earth than those of us who live in big cities, but as long as there is sun they will always have the power to reach out — thanks to Mitsubishi Electric solar technology.

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