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This small power semiconductor
has a big responsibility,
making the city more energy efficient.

Power Semiconductors

Mitsubishi Electric's power semiconductor boosts the energy-saving performance for a wide range of applications.

Beautiful lights and comfortable offices and apartments make city life pleasant, but the energy they require comes at a priceā€”to people and the environment. Energy efficiency is a major concern for cities around the world today, and Mitsubishi Electric provides the technology to improve it.

Mitsubishi Electric's power semiconductor is widely used for its enormous energy-saving capability in applications around the world. Although it's small, the device's impact on energy consumption is anything but.

How does it work? The power semiconductor switches between direct and alternating current to fine-tune electricity flow depending on the voltage required. It controls energy use by making minute adjustments to electricity flow in response to conditions such as the surrounding temperature.

In air conditioning systems, for example, the power semiconductor precisely controls the inverter for each unit, allowing each air conditioner to run more efficiency, therefore reducing energy costs for a whole building. Using several power semiconductors together in a package can dramatically reduce electric power loss and increase energy efficiency.

In addition to home appliances and office electronics, Mitsubishi Electric's power semiconductors are also found in a wide range of applications, from industrial robots to high-speed trains, as well as in solar power systems. The power semiconductor may be small but it plays a big role in conserving energy around the world.

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