Asia-Pacific Success Stories

Mitsubishi Electric Quality

Our ride is less thrilling,
but much smoother.

Elevators and Escalators

In a mall that features a roller coaster, Mitsubishi Electric offers a more comfortable option for going up and down: speedy, efficient elevators and escalators.

Berjaya Times Square

Moving more people more efficiently

Shopping can be quite a thrill for some. Especially at Malaysia's Berjaya Times Square, a shopping mall that features an indoor amusement park, as well as movie theaters, offices, a hotel and, of course, lots of shops. It's one of the largest indoor theme parks in the region, and moving the scores of daily visitors up and down and around is no simple task. Mitsubishi elevators and escalators make the whole operation smooth and efficient—leaving the thrills for the fun rides.

Escalators in the shopping mall

Elevators and escalators for a wide range of applications

There are 48 elevators and 170 escalators in the complex. All are designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric to ensure that passengers experience a smooth, quiet, carefree ride. Mitsubishi elevators and escalators are incorporated with the most stringent safety features, and are known to be highly reliable. Those are important features for shoppers on the move. Perhaps that's why Mitsubishi Electric has supplied some 500,000 elevators and escalators to more than 80 countries in the world.

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