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Spiral Escalators (Singapore)

Mitsubishi Electric's unique vision and original technologies led to the world's first spiral escalators in 1985. Even today, we are still the only company that makes them.*

* As of March 19, 2014, according to Mitsubishi Electric research.

Shoppers at Singapore's Wheelock Place have the unique pleasure of enjoying a sweeping view of the mall's stores as they glide up in Mitsubishi Electric's spiral escalator.

Of course, they may not be aware of the complex array of Mitsubishi Electric technologies that make spiral escalators possible. In fact, at one time, many thought it was physically impossible to design a spiral escalator.

Wheelock Place

Curve-motion escalators had long been considered by engineers around the world.
However, most ideas were based on the escalator moving in a concentric circle, which is impractical because the escalator's horizontal speed decreases as it moves along the slope.

Mitsubishi Electric engineers overcame this dilemma by inventing our "Center Shift Method." With this key to spiral escalator technology, the center of the circle around which the escalator rotates shifts in response to the degree of gradient, realizing smooth rotational movement in perfect harmony with vertical movement.

Today, we have installed dozens of spiral escalators in buildings around the world, and 29 years after our first launch, Mitsubishi Electric is still the only company producing spiral escalators.

A: vertical zone at the top
B: shifting zone at the top
C: shifting zone at the middle
D: shifting zone at the bottom
E: vertical zone at the bottom
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