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Solar Power System (Indonesia)

By powering remote relay stations, Mitsubishi Electric solar systems help to bring mobile telecommunications to isolated Indonesian villages.

Solar power generates electricity for long distance mobile communications.

Deep in the jungle, far from civilization, on Indonesia's Kalimantan island, there's a telecommunications relay station powered by Mitsubishi Electric solar panels. Using the electricity generated by 80 solar panels, the station relays signals between South and East Kalimantan—a distance of 900 kilometers—for one of Indonesia's largest telecommunications providers. Each panel can generate 160 watts of electricity and the entire system generates 12,800 watts.

Solar power plant in Austria

Natural solar power reduces pollution and eliminates fuel transport costs.

A remote, hard-to-reach location made solar power the ideal energy solution for the Kalimantan base station. Previously, the base station had been powered by a diesel generator, which required transporting the fuel through the jungle on trails that could only be accessed by four-wheel-drive vehicles. The solar system eliminated the need to transport fuel and greatly reduced maintenance costs. With some of the world's most advanced and efficient photovoltaic technology, including earth-friendly modules using lead-free solder, Mitsubishi Electric's solar technology is reaching new heights.

Advanced communications technology
powered by natural energy.

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