Procurement activities

Procurement Policy

Our Purchasing Philosophy

Mitsubishi Electric purchases a wide variety of materials and components from both Japanese and overseas markets. We recognize our corporate responsibility and are eager to provide business opportunities for the communities in which we operate.

1. Easy Access and Equal Opportunity

To guarantee our customers the highest-quality products, we are constantly searching for new suppliers. We encourage business partners from all over the world, regardless of size, to contact us about submitting a quotation. The decision to embark on a new business relationship is made after careful consideration of three major factors: product price, product quality, and delivery performance. To ensure continued high quality and efficiency, we periodically review our relationships with our partners.

2. Mutual Prosperity

We believe in long-term relationships built upon understanding and trust. This will allow the participation of our business partners during the product development stage, paving the way for mutual prosperity.

3. Ecological Soundness

We are interested in the materials and manufacturing processes used by our suppliers. Because we value the environment, we buy only ecologically sound products. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of people around the globe. To meet their growing expectations, we must widen and strengthen our affiliations with companies all over the world. We are seeking cooperation, not just business, and are looking for potential partners who are willing to join us in our drive toward global prosperity.

CSR Procurement Policy

We carry out distribution activities in line with our "CSR Procurement Policy," which was established in fiscal 2008.

  1. Compliance with domestic and foreign laws/regulations and social standards
    1. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
    2. Respecting human rights and prohibiting discrimination, child labor, and forced labor
    3. Creating proper work environments and giving consideration to safety and health
  2. Assurance of quality and safety of products and services
  3. Environmental considerations
    1. Procuring materials with less negative impact on the environment
    2. Ensuring strict management of harmful chemical substances based on an environmental management system
  4. Promotion of fair trade based on corporate ethics
    1. Practicing honest trade on fair and equal footing, based on laws/regulations and agreements
    2. Ensuring strict management and safeguarding of information by establishing an information security system
    3. Thorough elimination of fraudulence, bribery, and other such conduct that violates corporate ethics

Mitsubishi Electric Group Initiatives for Responsible Minerals Procurement

The Mitsubishi Electric Group views such issues as environmental destruction and the abuse of human rights by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries as issues of the utmost concern. As transactions of conflict minerals* are said to fund these armed groups, we are implementing measures to ensure the transparency of our supply chain so that we do not encourage or become complicit in such issues in any way, and to promote responsible mineral procurement.

* Conflict minerals refers to gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten, and other minerals that have been determined by the U.S. State Department to be a source of support for armed groups when mined in the countries referred to above.