Fiscal 2021 Environmental Topics

Received the highest evaluation in 3 fields from CDP*

We have been selected by the international non-governmental organization CDP as the highest rated "A List Company" in the three fields of "Climate Change," "Water" and "Supplier Engagement." We have been recognized for our excellent environmental response and strategy throughout our business, as well as our timely and appropriate disclosure of environmental information and our actions and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change risks along our entire supply chain. This was the fourth time we received the highest rating for "Climate Change," the fifth consecutive time for "Water," and the fourth time for "Supplier Engagement."

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  • * CDP: An international NGO (non-governmental organization) that surveys, evaluates, and discloses the environmental efforts of companies and cities.

News Releases

Completion of the ZEB technology demonstration building "SUSTIE"

On December 20, 2020, we commenced full-scale operation of the ZEB*1 technology demonstration building "SUSTIE" that was constructed on the premises of Information Technology R&D Center (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture). SUSTIE has acquired ZEB certification and the highest Five Star ranking in the BELS*2 certification system that evaluates the energy-saving performance of buildings, and the highest S rank in the CASBEE Wellness Office*3 certification that evaluates the health and comfort of offices. It is also Japan's first facility to acquire both certifications among medium-sized office buildings (single buildings) with a total floor area of 6,000 m2 or more, as proof that it realizes both energy savings and comfort, an achievement that has long been considered difficult.

  1. *1 net Zero Energy Building
  2. *2 Building-Housing Energy-efficiency Labeling System
  3. *3 A tool for evaluating the office area of buildings in terms of specifications, performance, and initiatives that support the maintenance and improvement of users’ health and comfort.
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News Releases