Cautionary Statement

While the statements on this website including the forecast of the Mitsubishi Electric Group are based on assumptions the Group considers to be reasonable under the circumstances on the date of announcement, actual results may differ significantly from forecasts.

Such factors materially affecting the expectations expressed herein shall include but are not limited to the following:

  1. (1) Any change in worldwide economic and social conditions, as well as laws, regulations, taxation and other legislation
  2. (2) Changes in foreign currency exchange rates, especially JPY/US dollar rates
  3. (3) Changes in stock markets, especially in Japan
  4. (4) Changes in balance of supply and demand of products that may affect prices and volume, as well as material procurement conditions
  5. (5) Changes in the ability to fund raising, especially in Japan
  6. (6) Uncertainties relating to patents, licenses and other intellectual property, including disputes involving patent infringement
  7. (7) New environmental regulations or the arising of environmental issues
  8. (8) Defects in products or services
  9. (9) Litigation and legal proceedings brought and contemplated against the Company or its subsidiaries and affiliates that may adversely affect operations or finances
  10. (10) Technological change, the development of products using new technology, manufacturing and time-to-market
  11. (11) Business restructuring
  12. (12) Incidents related to information security
  13. (13) Large-scale disasters including earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami, fires and others
  14. (14) Social or political upheaval caused by terrorism, war, pandemics, or other factors
  15. (15) Important matters related to the directors and executive officers, major shareholders and affiliated companies of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation