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Air Conditioning Systems

Room air conditioners, package air conditioners, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, ventilators, air curtains

Home Products

Refrigerators & freezers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners, electric fans

Factory Automation Systems

Programmable controllers, AC servo systems, inverters, industrial robots, processing machines

Automotive Equipment

Charging & starting products, electrification products, electric power steering system products, safety and driving assistance system products, car multimedia products

Building Systems

Elevators, escalators, moving walks, modernizations, hand dryers

Energy Systems

Power generation systems, transmission & distribution systems, medium- & low-voltage switchgear and systems, nuclear systems, power information & communication technology

Semiconductors & Devices

Power modules, high-power devices, driver ICs, sensors, high-frequency devices, optical devices, TFT-LCD modules, contact image sensors

Visual Information Systems

Large-scale visual information systems, display walls, printers, LCD screens

Transportation Systems

Rolling stock systems, power supply and electrification systems, transportation planning and control systems, communication systems

Information & Communication Systems

100Gbps transmission system solutions, optical access systems, satellite communications

Defense & Space Systems

Space systems (satellite programs, satellite platforms, satellite components, optical and radio telescopes, satellite communications), high-precision GPS mobile measurement system (Mobile Mapping System)

Defense Systems (Radar Systems, Shipboard Systems, Anti-Drone Systems, Modules and Devices)

Public Systems

Uninterruptible power supply, water treatment systems

Regional activities

Mitsubishi Electric delivers advanced products and services in countries around the world.


The tallest building on the Internet. Mitsubishi Electric provides solutions to help America build better, more efficient buildings. Escalators that run seamlessly. Energy and space-saving HVAC and UPS systems. And elevators that are smooth, fast and safe.

  • Air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Building systems (elevators, escalators)
  • Factory automation systems (UPS)


Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in electric and electronic equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use. Across India, our solutions are helping contribute to the further development of the country.

  • Air conditioners
  • Elevators & escalators
  • Factory automation
  • Power semiconductors
  • Transportation
  • Social infrastructure


We’re preparing Europe for the future.
Mitsubishi Electric provides solutions for today’s challenges—at factories, at work, in buildings, around town and even in the skies and beyond.

  • Automation
  • Building systems
  • Communication
  • Energy
  • Transportation