Green Procurement

Control of Hazardous Chemical Substances

Control of Hazardous Chemical Substances

The Mitsubishi Electric Group categorizes and manages chemical substances in three levels. According to each level, we request suppliers to substitute, provide written guarantee of non-usage, or implement activities to eliminate inappropriate chemical substances, and to investigate the extent to which certain chemical substances are contained in their product(s).

Level I: Substances banned from being contained or attached (substances that are currently or are scheduled to be banned)

Substances that have profound impact on people's health and on the ecosystem, and whose use is prohibited or restricted under domestic or international laws and regulations, or is voluntarily prohibited by the Mitsubishi Electric Group

Level II: Substances scheduled for elimination

Substances that do not fall under Level I, but whose use in products should be reduced, as governed by domestic or international laws and regulations, or by the Mitsubishi Electric Group's voluntary restrictions

Level III: Substances to be quantified

Substances that fall under neither Level I nor II, but whose presence in a product must be assessed and understood

Compliance with Chemical Substance Regulations

The Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes green procurement by obtaining information on the chemical content of parts and materials we procure from our suppliers along with their written guarantee of non-usage in order to ensure supplier reliability. When deemed necessary, we use the information to analyze the presence of chemical substances at our initiative.

We test for the presence of chemical substances by using fluorescent X-ray analysis screening and a one-drop extraction method (an analysis method developed by Mitsubishi Electric), and obtain chemical substance information from our suppliers based on the information sharing format provided by the Japan Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP). We will continue strengthening our management systems in order to prevent contamination by the specific substances and to ensure their traceability.