About the Report

This report provides information about corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by the Mitsubishi Electric Group to help realize a sustainable society. It primarily reports on significant activities, events, and changes that occurred in fiscal 2018 (year ending March 31, 2018). Based on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) approach, in reporting our activities we tried to go beyond just presenting our principles and the results of activities to date in order to also refer to future policies and issues.

We endeavor to fulfill our responsibility of presenting information to the public in order to broaden our range of communication with stakeholders. We appreciate any and all frank and honest feedback intended to further improve the report.

Structure of the Report

Aiming to fulfill our responsibility of presenting information to the public, the report discloses information on our CSR management initiatives and other activities from the aspects of governance, the environment, and society.

Period Covered by the Report

April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018

  • * Also includes some information on policies, targets, and plans for fiscal 2019 and thereafter.

Scope of the Report

Social Aspects Primarily covers activities of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
*The range of data compiled is noted individually.
Environmental Aspects Covers the activities of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, 107 domestic affiliates, and 84 overseas affiliates (total of 192 companies).
*Detailed information on economic performance is provided in the Environment section of our website.
Economic Aspects Primarily covers performance of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, consolidated subsidiaries, and equity method affiliates
*Detailed information on economic performance is provided in the Investors section of our website.


  • ISO26000
  • GRI Standards, Global Reporting Initiative
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012), Ministry of the Environment
  • Business Owner Environmental Performance Indicator Guideline (2002), Ministry of the Environment
  • Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005), Ministry of the Environment

Reporting Medium

Non-financial information about the Mitsubishi Electric Group is disclosed in the CSR section of the website and "CSR Report," and environmental information is introduced in detail in the environment section of the website and "Environmental Performance Review." The "CSR Report" is available on our website together with the "CSR Report Highlights Edition" aimed at communicating with stakeholders. In addition, we provide information such as "ESG survey index" to notify our various initiatives comprehensively.

Regarding Future Projections, Plans, and Targets

This report contains not only statements of past and present facts related to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and its affiliates (Mitsubishi Electric Group), but also future projections, plans, targets, and other forward-looking statements. Such projections, plans, and targets constitute suppositions or judgments based on information available as of the time they are stated. Future business activities and conditions may differ from projections, plans, and targets due to changes in various external factors.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group conducts business in the form of development, manufacturing, and sales in a broad range of areas, and these activities take place both in Japan and overseas. Therefore, the group's financial standing and business performance may be affected by a variety of factors, including trends in the global economy, social conditions, laws, tax codes, litigation, and other legal procedures. We would ask stakeholders to keep these points in mind when reviewing this report.