Recycling technologies

A New Dimension in Water Recycling

Bringing water back to life through the powers of electricity, bubbles, and ozone

With increasing populations and economic growth in emerging countries, the demand for water is rapidly rising throughout the world. In response to this, Mitsubishi Electric is proactively involved in the recycling of water that has already been used in industrial and household settings. We introduce some of our initiatives here.

Extracting impurities through the power of bubbles

(0.1 millimeter in diameter, less than 100 microns)

Usual type of bubble
(about 10 millimeters in diameter)

  • Microbubble cleaning technology enables cleaning water to be recycled
  • Use for industrial purposes
  • Applications for products

Creating good-tasting, safe, clear water through the power of ozone

Ozone generator

  • Ozone generators that sterilize water using ozone instead of chlorine
  • Use for water and sewer services
  • Use at aquariums
  • Use at pharmaceutical and chemical plants, etc.