Our Approach to Information Security

Basic policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group handles confidential corporate information and personal information appropriately as part of our social responsibility to make certain that such sensitive information does not leak out and cause concern for our customers and society.

Framework and guidelines

We have put in place a robust organizational structure to ensure that the information we receive while doing business is as secure as possible. Various bodies strive to protect information by maintaining close coordination with the Confidential Corporate Information Management and Personal Information Protection Secretariat.

Various measures

We provide a companywide education program to foster a corporate culture that enhances employees' awareness of information security, while enforcing proper handling of confidential corporate information and personal information.

Activities for personal information protection

Mitsubishi Electric has implemented strict and far-reaching company rules regarding personal information protection, and these rules are mandatory for all employees and affiliated persons. We are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Information security report

Initiatives regarding product security