The China Connection: The Rise of a Smart & Sustainable Society

27th March, 2019

It’s a new dawn for China. The world’s most populous country – and the historic birthplace of a raft of innovations, from paper to porcelain – is reinventing itself for a modern age. A string of forward-looking policies is mobilizing change, among them, the ambitious industrial goals of Made in China 2025. The end result? A seismic shift towards a smart and sustainable modern society, an evolution long supported by Mitsubishi Electric, which has partnered with China for 40 years.

Pioneering New Paths

From the factory floors to customer voices – this is where Mitsubishi Electric seeks input to develop targeted solutions for customers and consumers. These elements elevate manufacturing to new heights and give true value to ordinary products.

This philosophy resonates well in China, a country that prioritizes innovation and environmental preservation as key objectives in its national initiatives. Actively applying cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies to elevate its industries, China is pushing its way forward to a new era of top-quality product development – for which Mitsubishi Electric eagerly lends its support.

Chief Representative of Mitsubishi Electric China Katsuyuki Tomizawa backs close cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric Group’s various entities to drive the country’s much-anticipated transformation. Witness to the nation as it stands on the verge of change, Tomizawa comments, "China’s expectations across Mitsubishi Electric’s business verticals are of the highest standard, especially those related to smart manufacturing solutions and environmental preservation." He further expounded, "These expectations inspire us to develop on the edge of technological capabilities to deliver quality solutions. In this way, Mitsubishi Electric can bolster China’s growth and development."

On the Pulse

We are on the verge of a new era of smart technology, and China is ready for the challenge that this brings. Delivering top technological capabilities as a comprehensive electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric products and services are equally prepared to offer needed support in the everyday lives of Chinese residents.

Working Together to Build a Smart & Sustainable Era is a corporate campaign tailored to China that conveys Mitsubishi Electric’s offerings to the local market. A central tenet of this campaign is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the firm’s products through a state-of-the-art solution called Maisart. Short for "Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology," Maisart reduces the necessary calculations performed during the process of deep learning. This cutting-edge tech algorithm has exciting implications across industries, from automobiles to factory automation equipment and beyond.

Smart Living

The Working Together to Build a Smart & Sustainable Era campaign unfolds through a series of digital dioramas housed on the campaign website, each showcasing Mitsubishi Electric’s strengths as a world leader in manufacturing across verticals.

The dioramas elaborate on Mitsubishi Electric’s four strongest fields – Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Smart Mobility Solutions, and Smart Life Solutions – and exhibit the firm’s offerings in each. The Smart Manufacturing Solutions diorama, for example, unfolds at a factory facility – telling of the firm’s e-F@ctory and Manufacturing Optimization Solution.

While China has set ambitious goals for manufacturing innovation and environmental preservation, the visuals work in telling a powerful narrative – one in which Mitsubishi Electric and its cutting-edge technologies are prepared to contribute to the nation’s continued growth for many years to come.

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