A Dream Team: Partnering with India to Reach Further Heights

27th March, 2019

India has emerged as a huge player on the global economic stage over the past couple of years. Just look at the statistics – the country boasts a huge population of 1.2 billion people on top of impressive economic growth, reaching nearly seven percent annually*.

The Indian government has also recently introduced a revolutionary reform program to further improve the lives of its citizens. And as a trusted partner, Mitsubishi Electric dedicates its comprehensive line of products and services in hopes of contributing to India’s rapid progress.

According to the World Bank.

Long-Term Partners

Mitsubishi Electric’s long history in India dates back to the 1950s, specifically to the time of the country’s landmark Second Five-Year Plan – a national initiative that set rapid industrialization as a central goal for India.

A pillar of this visionary plan was a formal partnership with a consortium of Japanese companies. As one member of this group, Mitsubishi Electric delivered electric locomotive trains to India – no easy task considering that these locomotives had to withstand extreme weather conditions that weren’t testable in Japan’s domestic climate.

Motivated by a desire to play a part in this growth, Mitsubishi Electric manufactured locomotives of the highest quality while adapting them to India’s unique conditions. And these efforts paid off – electric locomotives have contributed to India’s infrastructure, helping the nation realize its full potential and flourish.

Mitsubishi Electric’s resolve remains unchanged since the 1950s, supporting India’s monumental development with various product lines – air conditioning systems, automotive equipment, elevators & escalators, factory automation systems, semiconductors & related devices, and transportation systems.

Inspired by India

In an effort to transform the nation into a major manufacturing hub and to promote vocational skills among its youth, the Indian government has launched a string of nation-building initiatives in recent years – including Make in India and Skill India.

Motivated by India’s dedication to improvement and to their people, Mitsubishi Electric also strives to contribute to these worthy causes. Its India-focused campaign, Partnering India’s Dream to be No. 1, demonstrates dedicated support for India’s inspiring projects.

This campaign features footage showcasing Mitsubishi Electric’s contribution to industrial development while also tuning in to India’s local voices. Other campaign highlights include a compilation video, along with six videos shining a spotlight on each of the firm’s major product lines – including air conditioning systems, automotive equipment, elevators & escalators, factory automation systems, semiconductors & related devices, and transportation systems.

From fast and efficient elevators to focused involvement in metro projects that keep subways running on time, the videos illustrate Mitsubishi Electric’s dedication to creating precise systems that improve the everyday lives of India’s citizens.

Mitsubishi Electric in India

When asked about the Partnering India’s Dream to be No. 1 campaign, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric India Katsunori Ushiku commented, "The campaign reflects the brand’s strength as a premium quality electric and electronic equipment company and explains how we are ready to support India to grow further."

He continued, "With this integrated brand campaign, our purpose is to clarify our brand image and offerings. We will make extensive use of available digital technology to reach out to existing and new customers through this campaign and intend to support them in the best possible way."

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