Creating Comfort: Unending Commitment

17th June, 2019

Efficiency, security, and comfort – for nearly a century, Mitsubishi Electric’s top priority has been to optimize these three essentials in households all over the world.

As pioneers in developing technologies, Mitsubishi has set new industry standards not only for quality, but also for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Demonstrating its devotion to these causes are Mitsubishi Electric’s achievements with its different product lines, including air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Worldwide Comfort

For nearly a century, Mitsubishi Electric has researched wind technology to make advances that nature’s pleasant breezes right into your home – something achieved with its air conditioning.

Looking back on this long history, you’ll find a record of achievement unrivaled in the industry – sourced from devotion to craftsmanship, relentless pursuit of unprecedented standards of quality, and a desire to innovate comfort to greater heights. The firm’s air flow technology, developed over nearly century ago, serves as one example of this dedication.

Mitsubishi Electric became the first company in the world to apply a line flow fan technology to air conditioning in 1967, and it revolutionized the industry. The firm named the product Kirigamine, which has realized air conditioners in a form lighter and smaller than ever achieved before. The product line has set the current standard for A/C technology, making the air conditioner more accessible to consumers and more widely available to the world at large.

Driven by dedication to continuous growth, the firm then created the Split System – a new design that separates the condenser and indoor component of an AC unit. The resulting technology succeeds in greatly reducing noise output while improving the aesthetics of home appliances.

Mitsubishi Electric’s success is rooted in its core mission to contribute advancements to society through state-of-the-art products. By devoting energy and resources to innovate every aspect of home air conditioning systems, the firm elevated the comfort of customers from all over the globe for nearly a century. Its long history of expertise makes this level of innovation possible. As use cases below show, Mitsubishi Electric’s ability to adapt to different markets and scenarios indicates the firm’s depth of experience.

Cool in Asia

One application of Mitsubishi Electric’s expertise in this field is in the Asian market. It’s no secret that Asia has exploded on the economic world stage over the past decade – the continent continues to grow rapidly and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Income and personal consumption have skyrocketed across the continent as stability in labor industries, exports, and infrastructure continues to improve. As a result, people all across Asia invest in home improvements to ensure more comfortable, enjoyable, and secure spaces for living.

Nations around the world continue to prioritize efficient energy use, leading consumers to become more conscious of their utility expenses and the potential impact their consumption has on the environment. This has naturally motivated homeowners to be more scrupulous when picking out home appliances like air conditioners.

Answering the needs of these eco-conscious consumers through many years of development, Mitsubishi Electric has fundamentally changed home air conditioning systems to create an entirely new kind of eco-friendly comfort. The firm’s history, together with its product lines, play an important role in balancing comfort with sustainability in the region.

Sustainable Solutions

Asia’s situation provides insight into the state of world affairs as well. On a global scale, economic conditions are improving across the board; but coinciding with this growth are rising temperatures, with numbers continuing to climb each year.

How can climate-conscious consumers reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort? Mitsubishi Electric provides an increasingly popular, eco-friendly answer: the inverter technology used in Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning systems. Its AC systems undergo extensive testing to guarantee the highest possible durability and sustained performance. After all, the longer customers can use products, the less often they need to replace them – meaning lower utility costs and less burden on the environment.

To maintain Mitsubishi Electric’s uncompromising standards, the most vital components for these systems are manufactured in-house. As a comprehensive electrical and electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has the capabilities needed to create energy-efficient products that deliver much-desired comfort to the homes of people everywhere.

Mitsubishi Electric’s long history in air conditioner technology tells not only of its technical prowess but of its drive. Sustainability and comfort all over the globe – this is what drives Mitsubishi Electric in its continued pursuit of technological development and innovation. The firm strives to apply its past experience in the field to guarantee sustainable growth into the future.

The content is true and accurate as of the time of publication.Information related to products and services included in this article may differ by country or region.

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