Sharing Our Values


Mitsubishi Electric aims to realize sustained growth by providing solutions to social challenges. In Business development, Mitsubishi Electric constantly checks business models as well as reviewing and transforming them for the better from a viewpoint of whether the Group is aware of changes in the business environment, sufficiently meeting challenges and the needs of customers, and fully leveraging its advantages.

From in the home to the outer space

Mitsubishi Electric is a comprehensive electrical and electronics manufacturer working in a wide range of business segments that range from people’s homes to outer space. To ensure sustainable growth, each business will continue to allocate investment resources, including research and development and capital while supplying required components (products and services/technology) essential for business expansion.

Toward growth at a global level

Mitsubishi Electric is developing each of our wide range of business segments in various areas worldwide. In order to realize sustainable growth, we are working on entering new regions/markets while enhancing distribution-/service-networks (supply chain).
Also, we are reallocating management resources to areas that show growth, and continuously creating new businesses capable of driving future growth.

Sharing stories worldwide

These dynamic stories showcase Mitsubishi Electric’s ongoing development of widely diverse businesses in various regions and markets across the globe, and even into outer space.


Elevating Elevators: Making Movement More Comfortable

28th May, 2020

Technology achieves a lot. When applied to elevator systems, for example, it can be used to optimize and automate elevators to get people where they’re going more quickly and conveniently. With the rise of the skyscraper as a place of work, this technology has an important role to play in reducing congestion and wait times. Here, let’s find out more about a ground-breaking technology by Mitsubishi Electric that makes riding the elevator a much more comfortable experience.


Elegance, Escalated: How Spiral Escalators® form Distinctive Luxury Spaces

28th February, 2020

Shanghai, Kuwait, Las Vegas – homes to some of the world’s finest shopping centers and retail establishments. Each city’s commercial complexes cater to the luxury experience, but a particular fixture in these spaces catches the eye: the spiral-shaped escalator. A step beyond the inorganic quality of typical escalators, these conveyances exhibit sophistication in design while providing a one-of-a-kind spatial experience. Here, we dive into how these escalators raise elegance to new heights.


Infinite Space, Big Data: Bringing Data from Outer Space to Earth

12th December, 2019

Satellites: their applications, both on earth and in orbit, continue to expand. One such field is the earth observation solutions business, a market on the ascendant. With some 700 units in orbit, observational satellites collect data invaluable to formulating disaster plans and forest conservation, among other use cases. But we’re only at the frontier as to what this data can do. Many expect that this information could be used in business fields such as agriculture: possibilities that, until now, seemed as distant as outer space.

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