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Technology is Mitsubishi Electric’s core competence, and R&D powers our technological and business development. We undertake R&D to drive corporate growth, and to create value by addressing the key social issues of the day: aging populations, urban congestion, global warming, energy and water shortages, and more.

Harnessing our strengths as a comprehensive manufacturer of electronics, we develop common technologies that create synergies. Through our efforts, we hope to realize a safer, more sustainable society.

A Leader in Patents

Mitsubishi Electric is an R&D leader, both in Japan and globally. In Japan, were number one in registered patents*1, and we're in the top ten for R&D expenditures*2. Where the fruits of our efforts are truly reflected is in our top-five ranking*3 in international patent applications. Our wide array of businesses fosters new perspectives among our researchers, and this sparks new discoveries and synergies.

*1 Source: Japan Patent Office, for 2017.
*2 Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun, for fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.
*3 Source: World Intellectual Property Organization, for 2017.

A Global R&D Network

At R&D facilities in Japan, the USA, the UK, France and China, our researchers focus on different technological themes. What they all share, however, is a human-centric approach to development that is based on listening to local needs. To maximize our R&D activities, we also promote open innovation by working proactively with universities and other external R&D institutions.

Common Technology Platforms for All Products

We focus our R&D efforts on technology platforms that can be used across our product portfolio. One example is our Maisart* brand of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In the development process, we’re able to tap into our know-how in equipment for factories, buildings, vehicles and other applications to take greater advantage of AI. By making devices smarter, we hope to help realize a safer, more convenient society.

*Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the- ART in Technology

Technologies for a Better Future

With its deep learning, reinforcement learning and big data analysis capabilities, our Maisart AI platform is being actively utilized in technology and product development. And though we already have numerous applications under development, we are really just beginning to tap into AI’s true potential to support advances in industry and improvements in the quality of life.
We’re developing novel technologies in many areas as well. These innovations will provide enhancements in safety, comfort, communication, manufacturing efficiency, and so much more.
Take a closer look at the advanced technologies that will transform the future.


How DMS is Creating the Future of Mobility — Giving Drivers a Taste of “Omotenashi”

10th January, 2020

When we talk about innovations in mobility, the discussion tends to focus on concepts like autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS). But did you know about the pivotal role played by the Driver Monitoring System (DMS)? It’s an in-car companion that keeps a constant eye on the driver’s alertness, and will soon be able to judge emotional and physical condition as well. With DMS set to become a legal requirement in the EU, we look at the present and future of a technology rooted in the Japanese concept of “omotenashi.”


Technology That Makes Ultra-high-speed Elevators Even More Comfortable

17th June, 2019

Buildings, particularly in cities with higher population density, are growing increasingly tall. This contributes to furthering innovation and economic growth as it enables businesses to cluster, which facilitates collaboration and communication. In this era of metropolitan verticality, though, how do we surmount the many physical and technical challenges faced in enhancing the comfort of travel in ultra-high-speed elevators? We at Mitsubishi Electric answered that question with a technological feat we call the Active Roller Guide System.


AI-based Technology Helps Us Overcome Our Limitations

21st May, 2019

The rapid detection and recognition of objects at great distances has proven a formidable technological challenge. We at Mitsubishi Electric, however, have succeeded in extending the range of detection to an industry-leading distance. By combining our Maisart® AI technology and a proprietary algorithm with an electronic mirror, we have made it possible to detect objects at distances of up to 100 meters—the length of a soccer pitch.


How Can We Enable Cars to Drive Themselves?

27th February, 2019

Autonomous driving holds a lot of promise for society—fewer accidents, stress-free transport and more productive commutes. For a vehicle to drive safely on its own, however, it will need to "see," "judge" and "operate" better than a human does. At Mitsubishi Electric, we're utilizing our broad array of technologies to help reach this goal.


Technology to Make Smart Speakers Even Smarter

27th February, 2019

Even at the noisiest of social gatherings, people are able to follow a single conversation while filtering out irrelevant chatter. That’s because the human brain has a remarkable ability to focus auditory attention. Using our original "Maisart" artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we developed a tool that can separate speech in a similar fashion, which presents exciting possibilities for voice-activated devices.


Using the World’s Most Abundant Resource to Keep People in Touch

27th February, 2019

When sending messages or watching videos on smartphones, it’s easy to forget that a network of metal antennas enables the transmission and reception of radio-frequency waves to make wireless communication possible. While these metal antennas are ubiquitous on land, sometimes alternatives are needed out at sea, or when a network is knocked out by a storm. By harnessing seawater, the world’s most abundant resource, we’re developing Mitsubishi Electric technology that can turn a plume of water into an antenna that could act as a backup when needed.


Making Communication Smarter, Easier, and More Inclusive

27th February, 2019

While the world continues to get more connected and borderless, communication barriers—whether due to differing languages or hearing difficulties—continue to be a fact of life on the planet. Enabling smoother communication has long been a theme at Mitsubishi Electric, and our Swipe to Talk UI offers a completely new way to convey one’s thoughts in an increasingly diverse world.

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