Coordinated regional waste recycling (Kyushu region)

Mobilizing Managers from Seven Factories

The island of Kyushu, located in southern Japan, has an area of 13,761 square miles (35,640 km2) and is divided into seven different prefectures. Until recently, the seven Mitsubishi Electric factories, which are spread across a region including Hiroshima Prefecture and the entire Kyushu area, have promoted waste recycling initiatives individually. The processing of general industrial waste was carried out by each factory, usually without the involvement of factories outside the area. However, the major success of coordinated regional recycling activities in the Kansai area in 2007 led to the formation of a working group consisting of seven managers from four Mitsubishi Electric Factories and three affiliated companies in November 2008. The Nagasaki Works, which is passionate about reducing waste, spearheaded the establishment of this working group.

diagram: Mobilizing Managers from Seven Factories