Basic policy and approach to environmental management

Environmental Vision 2021

Environmental Vision 2021 is the long-term environmental management vision of the Mitsubishi Electric Group. With the guideline of making positive contributions to the earth and its people through technology and action, the Company is working toward the realization of a sustainable society utilizing wide-ranging and sophisticated technologies as well as the promotion of proactive and ongoing actions by our employees. The Vision sets 2021 as its target year, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Mitsubishi Electric's founding.

diagram: Making Positive Contributions to the Earth and its People through Technology and Action
  • * Mitsubishi Electric Corporation: Base year fiscal 1991;
    Affiliated companies in Japan: Base year fiscal 2001;
    Affiliated companies outside Japan: Base year fiscal 2006

Creating a Low-Carbon Society

To help create a low-carbon society, we will:

  • Work to create and popularize innovative energy-saving products to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emissions from product usage by 30% compared to fiscal 2001
  • Strive to reduce CO2 emissions from product production by 30% (520,000 tons) across the entire Mitsubishi Electric Group as a prerequisite for sustainable growth
  • Reduce CO2 emissions from power generation and contribute to the creation of a low-carbon society by supplying the power industry with products and systems that do not emit CO2, including solar power and nuclear power systems

Creating a Recycling-Based Society

To help create a recycling-based society, we will:

  • Develop sustainable resource cycles by reducing waste output, reusing resources and recycling resources to give them new life
  • Strive for zero waste output from production processes

Respecting Biodiversity: Ensuring Harmony with Nature and Fostering Environmental Awareness

To help ensure harmony with nature and cultivate greater environmental awareness, we will:

  • Strive to respect biodiversity in our business activities
  • Teach employees the importance of maintaining harmony with nature by providing opportunities for nature observation and direct participation in conservation activities to inculcate autonomous actions for the sake of the environment
  • Engage in nature conservation activities to restore damaged woodland environments