Environmental management

Environmental Management Structure

System for Promoting Global Environmental Management

In the Mitsubishi Electric Group, departments responsible for managing individual businesses, head office management divisions, and the Corporate Human Resources Division supervise and manage the environmental practices within their jurisdiction, and within their affiliates, both in Japan and overseas. In addition, for overseas affiliates, each regional representative organization that serves as the regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and China has established an Environmental Office. In this way, all of the affiliated companies in the jurisdictional regions are given support for implementing measures in common with the Group and ongoing practices carried out by each affiliate company.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) is integrally operated by the Group as a whole, with all organizations working to achieve the Group’s three-year environmental plan as a common goal. Each organization identifies its own environment-related risks and opportunities, and reflects them in its environmental action plan.

The members of the Executive Officers' Meetings, in which the President of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation serves as chairperson, draft the guidelines for the environmental management practices of the Mitsubishi Electric Group as a whole. To that end, two positions have been created: the position of Executive Environmental Officer, who is responsible for promoting environmental management, and the position of General Manager of Corporate Environmental Sustainability, who supports the Executive Environmental Officer. Furthermore, the head office management divisions, the Corporate Human Resources Division, business groups, branches, other business sites including factories, R&D centers, and branch offices, along with affiliated companies, all appoint a person in charge of promoting environmental practices. This person, appointed by the head of each base and affiliate company, manages and monitors the environmental plan, including its execution and environmental performance, as part of his/her management and supervision responsibilities.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation obtained company-wide ISO certification in fiscal 2018* (please refer to the scope of applications for "ISO 14001 certificate of registration/appendix" below), and launched new initiatives following this achievement. For example, we strengthened compliance by having officers in all Mitsubishi Electric companies monitor trends in regulations and sharing information among business sites. We also carried out mutual auditing between business sites to maintain and improve our auditing level, and disseminated favorable cases experienced by business sites to other sites.

  • * Mitsubishi Electric’s Plant Engineering & Construction Division and Itami Works have each received ISO 14001 certification.
diagram: System for Promoting Global Environmental Management

Scope of Environmental Management

Mitsubishi Electric considers environmental management an essential component of corporate governance, and includes the Company and major affiliates within the scope of management.

Major Affiliates

  • Consolidated companies: Companies with 50% or more of (voting) shares owned by Mitsubishi Electric and directly managed by Mitsubishi Electric.
  • Non-consolidated companies: Companies judged to require integrated environmental management by Mitsubishi Electric.

Verification of Activity Results Using a Management Cycle

diagram: Verification of Activity Results Using a Management Cycle

Our environmental practices are carried out based on the following annual management cycle:

(1) Formulate Fiscal Year Plan - (2) Formulate Environmental Implementation Plan

Based on environmental plans, objectives and action plans are determined for that fiscal year.

(3) Company-Wide Environmental Managers' Meeting

A meeting is held that is attended by all people who are responsible for promoting environmental practices. Information such as focus issues and policies is shared and confirmed.

(4) Confirmation of Half-year Progress and Achievements

The Corporate Environmental Sustainability Group compiles environmental performance data and other relevant information, and reports them to the Executive Officer. When necessary (e.g., any significant change in the business environment related to the Group), the Executive Officer carries out reviews and reconsiders plans.

(5) Reporting of Annual Environmental Results

The Corporate Environmental Sustainability Group compiles environmental performance data and other relevant information for the fiscal year to report to the Executive Officer.

(6) Management Review

The Executive Officer carries out the review of activity results and reconsiders environmental plans and/or the environmental implementation plan for the next fiscal year if necessary.

Our levels of practices are improved by repeating the biannual cycle of "planning" ("review" in the case of the second cycle), "implementation," "verification of results," and "review." In addition to this, audits and inspections on an "as needed" basis ensure that appropriate practices are carried out.

Sharing Information through Meetings

Within the Mitsubishi Electric Group, in addition to the technology committees for different issues and meetings held by the people in charge of each EMS organization, general meetings are held and attended by all people responsible for promoting the environmental practices for each division in Japan and overseas. The aims of such meetings include confirming key issues and unifying the approaches to these that the various divisions take, as well as sharing useful information such as "favorable case examples" of each other's practices and "matters to watch out for" on a regular and continuous basis. Such meetings are useful for improving overall management levels.


As part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's general practices, company-wide meetings are held once a year, attended by the people responsible for promoting environmental practices at all bases and from all domestic affiliated companies. In addition to policies advised by the Executive Officer and reports on progress made regarding each division's practices, information is shared among those who attend. Environmental management briefings are held on a regular basis for employees responsible for putting environmental practices into practice at Mitsubishi Electric's operation bases and affiliates in Japan so that the message reaches every employee, and to ensure that environmental regulations are being adhered to. Within each business division, both in Japan and overseas, the people responsible for promoting environmental practices and those responsible for enacting them in affiliate companies hold meetings to share their environmental management policies that conform with their business practices, confirm progress, share information and have discussions regarding ways to improve.


As part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's general practices, annual overseas regional environmental meetings are held in each of the four regions: Americas, Europe, China and Asia. These meetings are hosted by the Corporate Environmental Sustainability Group, and they bring together the people responsible for promoting environmental practices at each overseas affiliate company in the area. The managers and other interested parties from corporate headquarters and mother factories in Japan also take part in the planning of the meetings. This kind of supervision by corporate headquarters not only ensures that the level of environmental management can be improved at overseas business sites, it might also strengthen ties with the affiliated companies overseas, and maybe even between Japan and the rest of the world.