Create a sustainability-oriented corporate culture

Create a sustainability-oriented corporate culture

To contribute to realizing sustainability, the Mitsubishi Electric Group must instill a corporate culture that includes: a commitment to solving social challenges from a long-term perspective, having sensitivity and adaptability to changes in society, and proactive disclosure of information to stakeholders. Corporate culture cannot be changed overnight. We will work to build this culture over a long period as a foundation to support sustainable management.

Reasons why it is important

The Mitsubishi Electric Group will contribute to realizing sustainability through all of our activities. To this end, we will proactively communicate with stakeholders and foster a corporate culture that encourages employees to pursue initiatives from a mid-to long-term perspective.

Targets and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Fiscal 2026

Understanding on the operation of business
in line with the corporate purpose and goals
according to the results of
the employee awareness survey


75% or more

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric

Fiscal 2024

Issue the Sustainability Report and
the Integrated Report, hold dialogues
with experts, and conduct
sustainability report questionnaires

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric Group

Organizational culture reform through the company-wide reform project "Team Sousei (Creation)"

"Team Sousei (Creation)" is a company-wide reform project led by the president and composed of volunteers selected through internal recruitment. The aims are to foster the culture "Employees feel that they can consult with their superiors," "failures are tolerated," and "problems are solved together." In Fiscal 2023, the project's second year, "revitalizing communication" was positioned as a top priority for organizational culture reform, and measures were implemented to deepen understanding of what the term "psychological safety" means. We will continue to make efforts to promote the understanding that a high level of psychological safety is essential to organizational development and to have this awareness deeply take root.

Information about "Team Sousei (Creation)" activities is posted as necessary to the company website so that all employees can check the current status and share comments.

Key measures implemented
Activities to change awareness and behavior, such as on why psychological safety is necessary, throughout the company from the top down:

  • The "Psychological Safety Guidelines" rolled out company-wide as the ideal interpersonal relationships to achieve in our company
  • Lectures for personnel in executive management positions and middle management
  • Job-level specific lectures to promote practices of senior managers and section managers
  • Collaboration with the measure for productivity improvement such as meeting guidelines, etc.
photo:A lecture for personnel in executive management positions and middle management

A lecture for personnel in executive management positions and middle management with Mr. Ryosuke Ishii