Respect for all people

Respect for all people

We recognize that we enjoy a wide range of relationships with the people and societies in the countries and regions where we operate, and we respect the human rights of all people. In addition, we promote diversity so that diverse people can do their best work, and we make Group-wide efforts to create work environments in which all employees can maintain their physical and mental health as well as work actively.

Reasons why it is important

The protection of human rights is a global issue. Everyone’s rights as individuals must be respected. The Mitsubishi Electric Group will respect human rights in all of our activities and realize a workplace environment that helps all employees work actively.

Targets and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Fiscal 2024

Implementation of the Human Rights Impact Assessment based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in all business groups

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric Group

Fiscal 2025

Establish a human rights
compliance mechanism
in the supply chain
based on the RBA process

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric Group

Fiscal 2026

Employee engagement score*1

70% or more
(Scope: Mitsubishi Electric)
60% or more
(Scope: Some of related companies)

Fiscal 2031

Ratio of female and non-Japanese
in senior management*2

30% or more

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric

Fiscal 2031

Ratio of female in managerial positions

12% or more

Scope: Mitsubishi Electric

  1. *1 Average percentage of positive responses to the five questions in the employee attitude survey conducted annually (twice a year since fiscal 2021): "Pride in working for the Company," "Willingness to contribute," "Desire to change jobs," "Encouraging others to join the Company," and "Sense of achievement through work"
  2. *2 Senior management: Directors, Executive Officers and Executive Officers (Associate)

Joining JaCER

Mitsubishi Electric has joined the Japan Center for Engagement and Remedy on Business and Human Rights (JaCER), which was established in June 2022 to support and promote
the redress of grievances by companies. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen its grievance handling mechanisms in order to promote respect for human rights in society.


Improve employee engagement their career ownership empowerment

The Company is implementing various initiatives to realize a work environment in which all employees can work actively. In particular, we are implementing numerous measures to empower career ownership that respects employees' sense of initiative and challenges.

  • Implementation of career consulting (career interviews)
    In addition to the consultation and resolution function between managers and employees, we have established the Career Consulting Room. Employees, regardless of which division they belong to, are free to choose internal or external career consultants (advisors) for advice and guidance on career development.
  • Provision of transfer opportunities that contribute to employees' career development
    This measure helps employees to realize their desired careers by matching such careers with the human resources needed in their workplaces through the Job-Net system (an intranet-based internal recruitment system) and the Career Challenge system (an internal job search system).

Through these efforts, we are working to improve our employee engagement scores.

graph: Improve employee engagement through employee career ownership empowerment