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Respect Human Rights and Promote the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources

The Mitsubishi Electric Group respects the human rights of all peoples in countries and regions where it engages in business, based on a conscious awareness of its widespread interaction with people and society. Efforts are also made to ensure employee diversity and occupational health and safety, as well as to promote work style reforms that maximize the potential of diverse human resources.

Message from management

photo: Mitsuharu Kiwada

Mitsuharu Kiwada
Chief of the Corporate Administration Division
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

The Mitsubishi Electric Group sets forth employee codes of conduct on human rights in the Corporate Ethics and Compliance Statement, which was formulated in 2001. The Group has provided employee training on the importance and mental attitude regarding human rights through various programs and activities such as the "Mitsubishi Electric Going Up Campaign," which aims to realize a inclusive society*.

The Mitsubishi Electric Human Rights Policy, which was established in September 2017, sets forth the Group’s commitment to further promote proper responses to human rights issues in line with international human rights norms. Based on this policy, we will strive to ensure human rights due diligence and to establish a mechanism for responding to grievances.

Human rights issues widely pertain to workers, customers, local communities and all other aspects of society, and the scope of the issues extend globally and through all supply chains. Thus, all employees need to participate in addressing them, with cooperation among all departments. Toward this end, we need to realize a further change in employee awareness and to take measures to create a culture that respects human rights, so that each employee can recognize human rights issues as their own and take appropriate action.

The initiatives of the Mitsubishi Electric Group have just begun. By receiving advice from experts on human rights issues and human rights organizations, and by maintaining communication with diverse stakeholders, we will ensure that the Group’s initiatives will truly contribute to solving human rights issues.

  • * Inclusive society: A society where everyone respects and accepts each other

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.

Formulation of the Human Rights Policy and Future Roadmap

In September 2017, the Mitsubishi Electric Group formulated the Mitsubishi Electric Human Rights Policy according to the spirit of the Corporate Mission and Seven Guiding Principles. The objective is to promote greater awareness of human rights and deal properly with related issues, thereby ensuring that the Group’s business activities do not negatively impact on human rights. In particular, we are implementing measures that prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on human rights by ensuring human rights due diligence that conforms with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Moreover, the Group is creating a corrective mechanism in the event it comes to light that a Group company’s action or involvement has inflicted an adverse impact on human rights.

In fiscal 2019, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will launch human rights due diligence initiatives by identifying and evaluating impacts on human rights (a human rights impact assessment) at all company sites. We will also explore ways to improve the mechanism for receiving grievances from those who have suffered a human rights violation and provide an avenue for relief (a grievance handling mechanism). At the same time, all suppliers along our supply chain will be requested to strengthen their human rights responses as part of their initiatives to promote CSR procurement.

In fiscal 2020 and beyond, we will promote these initiatives further, and plan to create a system that also includes the supply chain in preventing and mitigating adverse impacts on human rights. The program will include follow-up evaluations of the initiatives for human rights responses.

TOPICS ● Dialogues with outside experts for effective human rights initiatives

photo: Dialogue with Amnesty International Japan

Dialogue with Amnesty International Japan

To ensure that the Mitsubishi Electric Group implements viable initiatives to address human rights issues, we hold dialogues with experts and human rights NGOs to gather their advice on human rights initiatives.

In fiscal 2018, the Group had the opportunity to hold a dialogue with Amnesty International Japan, and gained advice on establishing a mechanism for handling grievances. Also emphasized was the importance of addressing human right issues from the perspective of human rights in the broad sense of the term such as long working hours, gender equality and so forth. and not from the perspective of individual issues.

We will continue to hold dialogues with stakeholders to steer the Group’s human rights initiatives in the right direction.

TOPICS ● Mitsubishi Electric Going Up Seminar on diversity

photo: Mitsubishi Electric Going Up Seminar

Mitsubishi Electric Going Up Seminar

In Japan, the upcoming 2020 has triggered a growing demand for initiatives to promote greater understanding of diversity and realize a inclusive society. Mitsubishi Electric has launched the Mitsubishi Electric Going Up Seminar in October 2017 with the cooperation of Mirairo Inc.*. The seminar teaches employees how to properly interact with people with disabilities, and is being held sequentially in all offices so that as many employees as possible can attend.

  • * Mirairo Inc.: A company that provides consultation services regarding universal design from the perspective of "barrier value," or the concept of changing barriers into value

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.

Creating a Working Environment where Work-Life Balance can be Achieved by Everyone through a "Work Style Reforms"

Since fiscal 2017, Mitsubishi Electric promotes a "Work Style Reforms" as a management policy, and strives to create a working environment where work-life balance can be achieved by everyone by "creating a corporate culture that places even greater emphasis on achievements and efficiency" and "reforming employees' attitudes toward work." Each department, organization and office implements specific measures that promote the Work Style Reforms based on the following four perspectives.

diagram: Four perspectives for working-style reforms
  • * JIT (Just in Time): Small-group activities that aim to increase productivity by thoroughly eliminating operational inefficiencies.
document: Poster for in-house dissemination of information

Poster for in-house dissemination of information

In February 2017, the "President’s Forum on Work Style Reforms" was launched, in which the president of Mitsubishi Electric makes a round of all offices to personally explain the objectives and importance of the initiative to all employees. By directly engaging employees in dialogue with the president and absorbing their views, requests and opinions about issues in promoting Work Style Reforms in each office and about corporate matters, the forum aims to disseminate even more effective measures.

Examples of office-specific activities

  • Lectures for management personnel by external lecturers
  • Establishment of conference rules (50 minutes as a rule, no meetings to be held after 5 p.m., etc.)
  • Introduction of concentrated work times
  • Introduction of "Refresh Wednesday" to promote work-life balance

See the following for details of relevant initiatives.