CSR at Mitsubishi Electric

CSR Materiality

The Mitsubishi Electric Group regards its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives as the foundation of its corporate management. The Mitsubishi Electric Group identified CSR materiality in order to realize the further integration of CSR with management and the long-term advancement of CSR initiatives.
The Group will continue to pursue its initiatives for addressing the four material issues in cooperation with business partners along the supply chain.

Realize a Sustainable Society
illustration: Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

Under its Environmental Vision 2021 formulated as a goal for fiscal 2021, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has been carrying out initiatives to realize a low-carbon, recycling-based society that functions in harmony with nature.

The Group has formulated its Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 to clarify the Group's stance on addressing long-term environmental issues and creating new value for a sustainable future toward 2050.
Reasons why is it important
Environmental issues including climate change and resource and energy issues are global issues. The Mitsubishi Electric Group will contribute to solving these issues with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.
Main FY2021 targets
Provide products and services that contribute to Goal 7, "Affordable and clean energy," and Goal 13, "Climate action," of the SDGs
  • icons: SDGs #7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • icons: SDGs #13 Climate Action
Reduce CO2 emissions from product usage

More than 35% reduction compared to FY2001 by FY2021
Reduce CO2 emissions from production

Less than 1.47 million tons by FY2021
(CO2 equivalent)

Financial information based on recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has expressed its support for the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures). In line with these recommendations, the Group discloses relevant information on climate change.

Strategy for Climate Change

diagram: Strategy for Climate Change

Overview of risk and opportunity assessment through scenario analysis

Through scenario analysis, we assess the corporate activities of the Group in terms of risks and opportunities.
The assessment is made based on two scenarios: a scenario to keep the increase in the global average temperature to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels (2°C scenario*2 ) and a scenario in case the temperature rises nearly 4°C as a result of continuing the conventional global warming countermeasures (4°C scenario*3 ). The period covered by the scenario analysis is up to 2050, and the periods are classified as shown below.

diagram: Overview of risk and opportunity assessment through scenario analysis

As a result of this assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities and our initiatives toward them, the Mitsubishi Electric Group can be said to have resilience against such risks under both the 2°C and the 4°C scenarios and the opportunity for sustainable growth through the solving of social issues arising from climate change*4.

  1. *1 Science Based Targets (Greenhouse gas reduction targets that are scientifically consistent with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement)
  2. *2 Applied the IEA 450 scenario, etc.
  3. *3 Applied the IPCC RCP 8.5 scenario, etc.
  4. *4 This conclusion is based on the scenario, and the future outlook may differ.
Provide Safety, Security, and Comfort
illustration: "kizkia" video analysis solution

"kizkia" video analysis solution

Since our inception, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has been contributing to society primarily by offering products and services.
We constantly strive to increase customer satisfaction and contribute to social prosperity in all aspects of our business, from the production of high-quality, easy-to-use products to after-purchase support and response to major issues.
Reasons why is it important
Various issues are becoming evident due to urbanization and other reasons. The Mitsubishi Electric Group will provide safety, security, and comfort while contributing to solving issues with a focus on city development.
Main FY2021 targets
Provide products and services that contribute to Goal 11, "Sustainable cities and communities," of the SDGs
icons: SDGs #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
Make Group-wide efforts to investigate the cause of serious malfunctions, and implement recurrence prevention measures Ensure safety through risk assessment

Maintain 100%

Implementation of risk assessments of target home electronic products

1. The results of re-examination of the quality assurance system of Mitsubishi Electric and its subsidiaries

Mitsubishi Electric and its subsidiaries, etc. have been found to have committed misconduct with regard to quality control for certain products and have submitted inadequate applications to the relevant authority regarding product certification. In addition to thoroughly reviewing and reinforcing the creation of a quality culture in the organization and strengthening the quality control system, we will strive to ensure compliance once again and strengthen internal control.

2. About the failure in shipping inspection for certain power semiconductor products of Mitsubishi Electric

During November 2014 to June 2019, Mitsubishi Electric's Power Device Works shipped certain power semiconductor* products it manufactured without carrying out shipping inspections in accordance with the specification agreed with the customer. This incident was found in the course of the ongoing strengthening of quality control following the efforts described in 1 above made across the entire Group. In addition to thoroughly reviewing and reinforcing the creation of a quality climate in the organization and further strengthening the quality control system, we will strive for quick information sharing.

  • * A semiconductor device that efficiently controls power by converting electricity from AC to DC or raising or lowering the voltage.
Respect Human Rights and Promote the Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources
illustration: Work Style Reform initiatives

Work Style Reform initiatives

The Mitsubishi Electric Group respects the human rights of all peoples in countries and regions where it engages in business, based on a conscious awareness of its widespread interaction with people and society. It is also promoting Work Style Reforms so that a diverse range of human resources can play an active role.
Reasons why is it important
Human rights and diversity are global issues. As a global company, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will grapple with these issues. Diversity is also crucial for creating innovation, which is the source of the Group’s strength.
Main FY2021 targets
Provide anti-harassment education for all employees

Attendance rate of 100%
Enhancement of a reporting system with respect to human rights violations Increase the ratio of women among new recruits in engineering fields

FY2022 target of 20% or higher

Initiatives to prevent recurrence of work-related issues

The Mitsubishi Electric Group has experienced work-related issues that affected employees’ lives or mental and physical health. Although the Group implemented prevention measures on each occasion, another work-related issue occurred in fiscal 2020. We took this seriously, deeply regretted that our past initiatives had not been sufficient, and determined preventive measures including new initiatives.
The Group considers the prevention of recurrence of work-related issues as its top management priority, and as a whole, makes every effort to create a work environment where all the employees can maintain mental and physical health and work actively with a sense of security. Specifically, the Group will work together to deploy a variety of measures to innovate the workplace culture, including measures to respond to power harassment and mental health issues, to prevent long working hours and to properly manage working hours.

Item Initiatives
Workplace culture innovation
(measures to respond to power harassment)
(measures to respond to mental health issues)
Deployment of the Mitsubishi Electric Workplace Culture Innovation Program
  • Enhance anti-harassment education and strengthening of evaluation when assigning leaders, including managers
  • Quantitative workplace culture analysis through attitude survey and continuous improvement based on analysis results
  • Enhance measures to identify and address the workload and mental conditions of individuals at an early stage
  • Engage in thorough and appropriate care of employees with mental health issues (Inspect operations and thoroughly reimplement Mitsubishi Electric Return to Work Support Guidelines)
  • Enhance consultation channels (establishment of multiple channels), etc.
Measures against long working hours
  • Reduce long working hours and continue proper tracking of working hours
  • Implement appropriate health measures such as consultation by company medical advisors
Strengthen Corporate Governance and Compliance on a Continuous Basis
photo: Board of Directors’ meeting

Board of Directors’ meeting

To realize sustained growth and increase corporate value, the Mitsubishi Electric Group works to maintain the flexibility of its operations while promoting management transparency. These endeavors are supported by an efficient corporate governance structure that clearly defines and reinforces the supervisory functions of management while ensuring that the company is responsive to the expectations of customers, shareholders, and all of its stakeholders. Additionally, the Mitsubishi Electric Group recognizes that not only ethics and legal compliance, but also compliance in the wider sense of the term that includes the perspective of corporate ethics, are the foundation of the Group's continued existence.
Reasons why is it important
Corporate governance and compliance are fundamental preconditions for a company’s continued existence. The Mitsubishi Electric Group will continue to strengthen these areas.
Main FY2021 targets
Maintain a 100% attendance in e-learning programs on compliance

Maintain rate of 100%
Provide proper information to directors at the proper time, conduct a review of the board of directors, and analyze and evaluate the review Enhancement comprehensive cybersecurity measures
1.Technical measures, 2.Thorough document management, 3.Framework upgrading Enhancement

Potential for leaks of personal data and confidential corporate information due to unauthorized system access

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and/or concern experienced by our customers and society as a result of the potential data leak incident caused by unauthorized system access, as reported in January 2020.

On June 28, 2019, after detecting and investigating suspicious activity involving computer terminals at Mitsubishi Electric, it was determined that data had been taken through unauthorized system access by a third party. The investigation took some time because it was a sophisticated attack that bypassed monitoring and detection measures, and the logs that would have identified the affected files were deleted by the hacker on some terminals. The finding was that personal data and confidential corporate information may have been leaked externally.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group deeply regrets not being able to prevent such a situation, and reaffirms that cyber security is an important management issue as stated in the Cyber Security Management Guidelines of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Going forward, we will deploy stronger and more nimble information security measures globally. The Group has established the Corporate Information Security Division, which is a unified organization under the direct control of the president, in order to continually ascertain and manage risks and prevention measures within the Group. We continue to work on information security measures to prevent any such incident from reoccurring. The Group also shares its knowledge to help society as a whole counter today’s increasingly sophisticated and diversified cyber-attacks.