Sustainability management


The Mitsubishi Electric Group’s Materiality

The Mitsubishi Electric Group places more focus than ever on sustainability initiatives at the management level to realize the "vibrant and sustainable society" that we have committed to in our corporate philosophy. We have identified five areas as materiality (important challenges) to "Provide solutions to social challenges through our businesses" and as part of our "Strengthen our business foundation to enable sustainable growth." Through these materiality initiatives, we will create economic and social value and will contribute to solving social challenges starting with contributing to achieving the SDGs. We will actively disclose information on the status of our materiality efforts and promote engagement with stakeholders.

illustration: The Mitsubishi Electric Group’s Materiality
Realize a sustainable global environment
illustration: Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050

The Group  has formulated its Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 to clarify the Group's stance on addressing long-term environmental issues. Based on this, we have engaged in activities since fiscal 2022 in line with our medium-term Environmental Plan 2023, and we aim to realize a decarbonized society and a circular economy by promoting innovation in products and services, and by providing integrated solutions.
Highly relevant SDGs
  • icons: SDGs #7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • icons: SDGs #13 Climate Action

Major mid-to-long-term initiatives

  • Realization of a decarbonized society through innovation and integrated solution
  • Contributions to achieving a circular economy
Main FY2022 targets
Decrease the amount of CO2 emitted when using the product compared to previous  models [1% or more] Reduce CO2 emissions during production by 9% or more compared to FY2017 by the end of FY2024 Percentage of recycled plastics used (amount of molding materials and packaging materials procured). [10% or more by the end of FY2024]
graph: Initiative to Realize a Decarbonized Society
Realize a safe, secure, and comfortable society
illustration: Realize a safe, secure, and comfortable society
Since our inception, the Mitsubishi Electric Group has been contributing to society primarily by offering products and services.
We aim to solve diversifying social challenges through our businesses to realize the "vibrant and sustainable society" outlined in our corporate philosophy.
We constantly strive to increase customer satisfaction and contribute to social prosperity in all aspects of our business, from the production of high-quality, easy-to-use products to after-purchase support, response to major issues, and product disposal.
Highly relevant SDGs
  • icons: SDGs #3 Good Health and Well-being
  • icons: SDGs #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • icons: SDGs #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Major mid-to-long-term initiatives

  • Solve  social challenges in the areas of life, industry, infrastructure, and mobility through integrated solutions
  • Provide products and services by continually pursuing a "quality first" policy
Main FY2022 targets
Study goals and indicators that contribute to the resolution of social issues through business, including contribution to the SDGs/promotion of initiatives. Improve development and design quality by establishing company-wide design guidelines for individual component technologies Determine the true causes of major defects, and develop company-wide measures to prevent recurrence [Once a month]
diagram: Strategy
Respect for all people
illustration: Respect for all people
We recognize that we enjoy a wide range of relationships with the people and societies in the countries and regions where we operate, and we respect the human rights of all people. We promote diversity so that diverse people can do their best work, and we promote the Workplace Culture Reform Program as a Group to realize a work environment in which all employees can thrive.
Highly relevant SDGs
  • icons: SDGs #5 Gender Equality
  • icons: SDGs #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • icons: SDGs #10 Reduced Inequalities

Major mid-to-long-term initiatives

  • Promote human rights initiatives that are based on international norms
  • Realize a workplace environment that helps all employees work actively
  • Promote diversity
  • Promotion of occupational health and mental and physical health
Main FY2022 targets
Identify human rights issues by conducting human rights impact assessments, and grasp the statuses of initiatives at each office. [Conduct assessments at 100% of relevant departments] Employee awareness survey Target Promotion of diversity Target
Percentage  of employees who are proud and motivated to work for the Company 80% or more Increase the percentage  of newly hired woman 1.2*1
Percentage of employees who responded that they had a good work-life balance 80% or more Increase the percentage  of woman in management 2*2
  1. *1 Compared to the average from FY2017 to FY2021
  2. *2 Compared to FY2021
illustration: Roadmap for measures to improve workplace culture

Roadmap for measures to improve workplace culture

Strengthen corporate governance and compliance on a sustainable basis
photo: Strengthen corporate governance and compliance on a sustainable basis
To realize sustained growth and increase corporate value, the Mitsubishi Electric Group works to maintain the flexibility of its operations while promoting management transparency. These endeavors are supported by an efficient corporate governance structure that clearly defines and reinforces the supervisory functions of management while ensuring that the company is responsive to the expectations of customers, shareholders, and all of its stakeholders. Additionally, the Mitsubishi Electric Group recognizes that not only ethics and legal compliance, but also compliance in the wider sense of the term that includes the perspective of corporate ethics, are the foundation of the Group's continued existence.
Highly relevant SDGs
icons: SDGs #16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Major mid-to-long-term initiatives

  • Corporate management with a sound oversight function
  • Thorough compliance
  • Procurement that contributes to sustainability
  • Information security activities to protect important information
Main FY2022 targets
Carry out proper reporting and discussions at the appropriate time among the board of directors, and conduct regular analysis and evaluation of the board of directors’ effectiveness Maintain a 100% attendance in e-learning programs on compliance [Maintain rate of 100%] Enhancement comprehensive cybersecurity countermeasures
 1.Technical measures, 2.Thorough document management, 3.Framework upgrading

"Mitsubishi Electric Group Code of Conduct"

  • document: "Mitsubishi Electric Group Code of Conduct"

    "Mitsubishi Electric Group Code of Conduct"

  • illustration: Poster


  • illustration: Portable Card

    Portable Card

Create a sustainability-oriented corporate culture
To contribute to realizing sustainability, the Mitsubishi Electric Group must instill a corporate culture that includes: a commitment to solving social issues from a long-term perspective, having sensitivity and adaptability to changes in society, and proactive disclosure of information to stakeholders. Corporate culture cannot be changed overnight. We will work to build this culture over a long period as a foundation to support sustainable management.

Major mid-to-long-term initiatives

  • Promote mid-to-long-term initiatives for addressing social challenges
  • Increase sensitivity and adaptability to changes in values among society and individuals
  • Promote active communication with stakeholders based on highly transparent information disclosure

Promote sustainability on a management level

  • Add "Contribute to realizing sustainability through all of our activities" to the management policy
  • Establish a Sustainability Promotion Department (April 2021)

Management Policy

In addition to realizing corporate management that balances growth, profitability/efficiency, and soundness, we will contribute to realizing sustainability through all of our activities, and further enhance our corporate value, which emphasizes the creation of both economic and social value.

illustration: Management Policy