CSR at Mitsubishi Electric

Corporate strategy

To achieve high-quality growth, we will further promote initiatives for value creation in four fields with many social challenges.

Mitsubishi Electric's business segments

Mitsubishi Electric offers a vast range of products and solutions around the world. We categorize our offerings across twelve major business segments which you can learn about here.

Initiatives that contribute to addressing social issues

The Mitsubishi Electric Group will contribute to accomplishing the 17 goals of the SDGs, through the Group's diverse businesses as well as all corporate activities related to the environment and society, for solving social issues.

CSR materiality

Mitsubishi Electric Group will continue to pursue its initiatives for addressing the four materiality in cooperation with supply chains, by upholding the "Corporate Mission" and "Seven Guiding Principles" as its basic CSR policy and achieving the Corporate Mission "Enhance the quality of life in our society".

Initiatives to address the SDGs

Through the Group’s diverse businesses and corporate activities related to the environment, social and governance (ESG), we believe we can make a contribution toward accomplishing the 17 globally shared goals of the SDGs.