Sustainability at Mitsubishi Electric

Initiatives that Contribute to Addressing Social Issues

Initiatives that contribute to addressing social issues (Fiscal year 2021)

Public Utility Systems Group

As we create public infrastructure, our aim is to manufacture products that are smaller, weigh less, provide better performance, and operate with higher efficiency, thereby reducing environmental impact by consuming fewer resources and using less electricity.

Energy & Industrial Systems Group

We provide a wide range of systems and products for power generation, transmission, distribution, and power retailing. We're more committed than ever to contributing a society where people can live safely, securely, and comfortably.

Building Systems Group

For building solutions, we provide energy-efficient, compact, and lightweight elevators and escalators, as well as building management systems and security solutions, all of which realize energy savings through cutting-edge monitoring and control.

Electronic Systems Group

Through our manufacturing of communications, broadcast, and observation satellites, ground control systems, large telescopes, and other electronic products, we are helping to safeguard and improve daily life.

Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group

We supply environmentally well-considered products and services for homes, offices, and factories. At all our production bases, we promote energy savings and control of chemical substances.

Factory Automation Systems Group

We're helping our customers globally to improve their added value and competitiveness through products and services with better energy-saving performance and lower environmental impact.

Automotive Equipment Group

To reduce environmental load, we manage our worldwide development centers to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, product environmental restrictions, and principles of recyclability and pollution prevention.

Semiconductor & Device Group

We provide the key devices that support a sustainable, low-carbon society. Our cutting-edge products are developed to deliver high efficiency and low power consumption, manufactured with a minimal environmental footprint.

Information Systems & Network Service Group

We cover the entire lifecycle of information systems and network systems, from the planning and concept stage to operation and maintenance, to provide energy-efficient solutions.

Business Innovation Group

We contribute to solving diversifying social issues faced by the sustainable society by turning themes that cannot be addressed in by existing frameworks into businesses, and by supporting the integration of Group technologies and collaboration among the Groups.

Process of identification and review of materiality

The Mitsubishi Electric Group identified materiality and initiatives in response to today's social issues and business environment. These initiatives will be further strengthened through ongoing improvement activities.

Evaluation of the importance of environmental issues in business

We evaluated the importance of major environmental issues from the perspectives of the likelihood that they would bring a risk or opportunity to our business activities and the magnitude of their impact if they do, based on respective value criteria.