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A collection of frequently used FA terms and example sentences! FA field glossary

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Courses Online edition (compatible with tables) Offline edition
EXE edition PDF edition
FA Equipment for Beginners PLCs -
Industrial Network NEW
Process Control System
Industrial Robots
Power Distribution Control Products
Basic edition / Advanced editions Programmable Controllers MELSEC-iQ-R/Q/L/FX MELSEC iQ-R Series Basics -
MELSEC iQ-F Series Basics - -
MELSEC-Q Series Basics -
MELSEC-L Series Basics - -
GX Works2 Basics -
GX Works2 Advanced -
GX Works3 (Ladder) -
PLC Programing Basic (Ladder) -
PLC Programing Basic (ST) -
Applications of Programming - -
Applications of Programming (MELSEC iQ-R Series)
Efficient Programming -
CC-Link IE TSN -
CC-Link IE Controller Network - -
CC-Link IE Controller Network (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
CC-Link IE Field Network - -
CC-Link IE Field Network (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
CC-Link - -
CC-Link (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
Ethernet - -
Ethernet (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
Intelligent Function Module - -
Intelligent Function Module (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
Serial Communication - -
Serial Communication (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
Positioning - -
MELSEC Process Control System Basics -
PLC System Maintenance -
Safety CPU Basics (MELSEC iQ-R Series) -
Safety Controller Basics -
Manufacturing Visualization Basics (MELSEC iQ-R series MES interface module) -
Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT GOT Basics (GT16, GT Designer3) - -
Inverters-FREQROL FREQROL Basics 800 (Operation) - -
FREQROL Basics 800 (Function) - -
FREQROL Basics 800 (Maintenance) - -
FREQROL Basics (Operation) - -
FREQROL Basics (Function) - -
Inverter energy saving course -
MELSERVO Basics (MR-J4-GF Servo Amplifier I/O Mode) -
MELSERVO Basics (MR-JE Modbus) -
SIMPLE MOTION Module (iQ-R CC-Link IE Field) -
MOTION Module Basics (iQ-R·RD78G(H)·Startup) -
MOTION Module Basics (iQ-R・RD78G(H)/Position Control) NEW -
MOTION CONTROLLER Basics (Hardware) - -
MOTION CONTROLLER Basics (Real Mode:SFC) - -
MOTION CONTROLLER Application (Virtual Mode) - -
Linear Servo -
Industrial Robots-MELFA MELFA Basic and Maintenance (FD Series) - -
MELFA Basic and Maintenance (FQ Series) - -
MELFA Basic and Maintenance (FR Series D Type)
MELFA Basic and Maintenance (FR Series R Type/Q Type)
Power Distribution Control Products Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker -
Contactors and Motor Starters -

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